UCMDB Support Tip: CI logical name truncated or CI not pushed due to logical name truncation

The length of a UCMDB CI name exceeds 200 characters, which is the maximum allowed field length for logical.name (CI Identifier) in Service Manager.


When this CI is pushed to Service Manager, the CI name is truncated. Two UCMDB CIs have the same CI name that is 200 characters in length. When the second CI is pushed, it is supposed to be renamed if the DEM Duplication Rule is configured so; however, the renamed logical name will be truncated to be same as the first CI’s logical name.


As a result, the second CI will not be able to be pushed to Service Manager due to an invalid duplicate key error.

Error message

You receive an error message that contains this string: “This record contains an invalid

duplicate key.”


As a solution, you will need to update the CI type’s XSL transformation file so that, before running a push, the integration can make sure that all CI names are significantly less than 200 characters in length.