UCMDB-SM integration - date format for push


We are trying to push Last Scan date from UCMDB 11 to SM 9.34 in a datetime format but without success. Could somebody please advise how to achieve this?

 We are using ServiceManagerAdapter9-x and we have the following setting in serviceDeskConfiguration.xml:

date_pattern: yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss

time_zone: Europe/Middle

The integration account in SM has time zone set to  Europe/Middle  and date format to  yyyy/mm/dd .

The extaccess field LastScan is set to DateTimeType  type.

We tried also another time zone / date pattern combinations but without success.

When testing requests using SoapUI tool, we were able to import LastScan as a datetime with ISO8601 format f.e. 2020-01-10T15:51:24 . But we are not able to use this ISO8601 date pattern in UCMDB integration SM adapter.

As a workaround, we are saving the LastScan in another field in a text format. But we need it in a datetime format.

Could somebody please help? Is it even possible to push datetime fields from UCMDB to SM?

Thank you.