Update failed for Dept Table in SM from UCMDB



I am trying to integrate UCMDB 10.01 with SM9.

I am trying to populate "Department" table in SM using the OOB "ucmdbDept" WSDL from UCMDB.

It runs successfully and pushes the CI only for the first run(Creation), After the first run, every time we run the integration Job, it fails with the following error:

  <cmn:message type="String">The record being added contains a duplicate key (se.base.method,add.record.radd)</cmn:message>
        <cmn:message type="String">This record contains an invalid duplicate key.</cmn:message>


Looks like it tries to create the CI every time in SM. Can you please give some suggesitons if i went wrong somewhere.





  • Hi,
    Also, what i have observed from the SM.log file is it every time gets the Insert request from UCMDB.
    Createrequest only goes to SM Department table always eventhough the record is already existing in SM.
    In my SMSyncConffile all the three requests are available(Create, Update and Delete webservice request).