UCMDB Support Tip: Cluster node elements sync issue from uCMDB to SM

In the event Cluster node is mapping/pushing one element, and no other element is sync'd with Service Manager, (SM).  For example, there are nodes with 3 RAC attached and it is only mapping one.

Further details: all nodes get sync'd with only a single cluster object per node when there should be multiple cluster objects per node.


Please be aware such discrepancy has been brought to R&D attention. HP Product team created and tested a workaround to allow multiple clusters to be related to one node (many-to-one).  This workaround will allow you to configure the cluster as root in your ‘push’ TQL and use the cluster’s UCMDB ID as the identifier in Service Manager.


Please review the attached Cluster Mapping ‘workaround’ document.  Also within this document is a “Cluster Push.txt” file that can be used to create your new xslt file. There are no updates to be applied on the Service Manager side as identified in this workaround.