UCMDB 10 How would you use multiple probe domains

I am new to UCMDB and UCMDB 10.x. In the Data Flow Probe Setup area it is possible to create multiple domains of type customer or external. How would you use multiple domains and why?

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    Multiple domains giving you an option to have same IP addressing across different datacenters.

    Uniqueness of IP CIs based on IP address plus domain.

    Hope this helps.

  • I am having almost similar issue.. i am using ucmdb 10.01 with CUP2


    I have Multiple Domain and Probs, and ManagementZones for Infrascture Disc.



    Domain1: Prob1, Prob2



    MZ: MZ1 Infrastructure Discovery for UDA  ---- That have Range from Domain1: Prob1

    MZ: MZ2 Infrastructure Discovery for UDA  ---- That have Range from Domain2: Prob3


    When I activate "MZ1 Infrastructure Discovery", that work well, but when Activate another one "MZ2 Infrastructure Discovery" all get stuck. So one at a time work.


    Found when I activate multiple Job then Files from this folder get deleted at probs:




    please help me..

  • Do you really need two domains?

    UCMDB can't check properly if your IP ranges is not overlapped. Please be sure you checked this...