Is it possible to do Inventory Discovery of VPN network?

I am trying to configure Inventory Discovery of remote workers connecting to our network using Cisco AnyConnect VPN. I have created a management zone and added the VPN network range that we use - However, I have no trigger CI's for this zone and the job Inventory Discovery by Scanner never runs. I can see in the logs that there are multiple call home requests from IP addresses in this range.


I have looked for a cause for this management zone to be empty even though there are many devices that match the IP range for this zone. I found that in line 166 that you have included the Cisco VPN adapter (00059A3C7[\dA-F]00) in _IGNORED_INTERFACE_MAC_PATTERNS. I have tried to comment this piece out but the management zone still does not have any trigger CI's.


Is it possible to do Inventory Discovery of VPN network if using Cisco VPN adapter (00059A3C7[\dA-F]00) and IP range is in range -

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