Topology Reports - template view with drop down list parameter values

I'm trying to create a Topology Report from a Template View that has a drop down list for the user to select a parameter value from; however I'm only able to create an input box for the user to type the parameter value in.  Ideally, the drop down list would be populated from a query.


The Custom Reports have the drop down lists in them, the Application Breakdown Report for example has a list of countries to select from, which then populates the states and cities drop down boxes accordingly, but I can’t find these reports to see how they did it.


As a workaround I’ve created a web page where you can select the parameters first and then view the report from a generated link. 





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    I've created a Business Service for each application we have, the Service name is the parameter I'm passing.  The template holds all the queries I want to apply to the ci's in the service, sort of like a perspective view.   This keeps me from having to create and save a report for each Service (application), I just have to create the Service now.  


    Thanks for the quick response.