Aging report


I'm trying to figure out how to make an aging report for my servers etc. in ucmdb. All i want is a list of servers etc. that have the aging flag set, but i can't figure out how to make it. Can anyone please lead me in the right direction here?





  • Hi Jorn,


    Administration guide ( ), page 117, talks about "How to Generate CI Lifecycle Data and Filter the Results". Description is given below for your reference :


    This task describes how to generate a list of CIs that are candidates for deletion, and to filter the results.

    This task includes the following steps:
    >  "Generate CI Lifecycle Data" below
    >  "Filter the CI Lifecycle Results" on next page

    1. Generate CI Lifecycle Data
    To generate CI Lifecycle results for CIs or relationships, select either the CIs tab or the
    Relationship tab. Select the time period in which to search, using the drop-down calendars in
    the From and To fields, and click Generate. For details, see "CI Lifecycle Page" on page 122.
    CI Lifecycle displays a list of CIs that are candidates for deletion.


    Tip: If no results are generated, try extending the time period further into the future.

    2. Filter the CI Lifecycle Results
    To filter the CI Lifecycle data, click the Filter button to open the Filter dialog box. For each
    column by which you want to filter, select a condition from the drop-down list and fill in the
    value column, either by entering a value, selecting from a drop-down list, or using the calendar.
    Click OK to apply your filter.



    To clear the filter and restore the original results, click the Clear button . For details, see
    "Filter Dialog Box" on page 123.



    The filetered data can then be exported to CSV, PDF, XLS or XML formats.