UCMDB Support Tip: Host CI not getting created

The IP address of a server is getting discovered and created via Host Connection By Shell for the IP but the corresponding Host CI is not getting created.


The discovery job has the following warning:

<< Progress message, Severity: Warning>>

Warning during processing results: Bulk contains ignored CIs that were filtered by the probe. In order to resend all objects reported by this trigger CI, please clear jobs results cache. For details please check cmdb.reconciliation.log.


What does this warning actually mean?

This error (which in all likelihood occurred the first time the job was run) means that a CI was ignored and from that point on the CI was discovered in exactly the same way and the probe continued to filter it (this is called redundant filtering). 


The probe is filtering the CI since it assumes that if it was ignored once, it will be ignored again. 


For more information about why it was ignored please look in server’s cmdb.reconciliation.ignored.log using the IP and time of job run/error to see why it is being ignored.


If you have already fixed the data to make sure it is not ignored, then right-clicking on the job and clearing the job’s results cache via the menu will allow the data to be sent to the server again.