reconcilation error troubleshooting



Working on UD 10.10  CP13

 I got below warning  and want to see the reconcilation log but same are not available in runtime/log folder.


Reconcilation logs have been activated from file but still those are not available in log folder. Since logs are unavailable so unable to check below issue. Please le t me know wht to do to see log files in log folder and how to troubleshoot the below warning . Also to my surprise, many logs are not activated by default in UD10.10 compare  to  10.01 like mam.autodisocvery and few more.


Please replay in details.




<< Progress message, Severity: Warning>>
The following CIs were not sent again by the probe because they were ignored by the server in a previous invocation:
In order to resend all objects reported by this trigger CI, perform "Clear Probe Results Cache" for this job/activity from the Universal Discovery module.
For more details on why these CIs were ignored check cmdb.reconciliation.log.

<< Progress message, Severity: Warning>>
Warning processing results: Results contain ignored CIs. For details please check cmdb.reconciliation.log. There were ignored CIs: From Class [dependency] 1 CIs were ignored due to Link with ignored end; From Class [process] 1 CIs were ignored due to Connected CI Ignored; From Class [containment] 1 CIs were ignored due to Link with ignored end;




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