Relocating servers

Hello expert,


Our project is preparing to move all servers on another location. so want to know what application are installed on each box , the dependency mapping among different boxes and installed software on different boxes.


For example, if a customer installed UCMDB and UCMDB DB on separate servers like this

Windows Server 1 :  UCMDB application server

Windows Server 2:  UCMDB MSSQL DB server


From basic discovery, we could get SQL is installed on windows server 2 from installedsoftware CIs. That’s no problem .

But when we relocate them, we want to get the dependency mapping and relationship between windows server 1 and windows server 2. Because if we just move windows server 1, the installed UCMDB application will not work without its DB on windows server 2.

Then how can we get the mapping of different box? Should I create a view to get the dependency mapping of both servers?

If I need to activate SQL discovery job, so that we could get more sufficient details about DB, then UCMDB could create the dependency mapping between both servers and installed applications?


That's to say, how could i get the dependency of both servers, and the applications (in my case, is UCMDB application and UCMDB DB) relationship of both servers? 


can anyone help on this?