Query on configuring devices for discovery in HP UCMDB 9.05

Hi All,


I am new to HP UCMDB. I am learning on 9.05 version.


I want to add devices for discovery. I have the IP Address. But when I open the Data Flow Probe from Data Flow Management module, I can see there is only option to add the IP range in the Data flow proble. I am not able to see an option to add single IP's.


Please can you let me know if there is a way to add single IP's.


Also for one of the IP address it mentions that it is already in the configured range. Please can you let me know how can I view if this IP Address is being discovered or not and the related details.


Thanks for the help.

  • Put your IP as first IP in the range and press add. UCMDB supports single IP ranges.

  • but if i have added the IP range in he data flow probe -in one of the probe-by selecting IP range.

    but my qustion is i did not discovered when i checked  in the CI, means was not able to discover those IP in the

    HP uCMDB, even we have also the credential already configured for the probe..

    so someone could help about whats the exact process to find out added IP range (or discovery process),i will be glad if it is fixed. (using 9.05 version)

  • The standard process of discovery starts from ping of IPs from Probe Ranges. As result IP CIs will be created. Those CIs will be trigger for Host Connection Jobs which will create Host CIs along with agent. New CIs will be trigger for Host Resources and Application jobs and many others...

    There are several cases when IP CIs won't be created:

    - If your destination not answering on pings. In this case IP CI could be added manually. Please pay attention that Probe attribute need to be populated with correct value.

    - If destination is answering on the ping from  IP different from one where ping was sent to (classic situation for big switches). The virtual mode parameter exists on Ping by ICMP job to overcome this problem.


    Hope this helps.