uCMDB Licencing

Hi Experts,


We wants to install UCMDB servers for discovering 2000 servers and as a part of that we would like to deploy

1.UCMDB Server

2.Probe Server

3.UCMDB DataBase Server

4.UCMDB Browser

5.UCMDB COnfiguration Mangaer

6.Integration with internal HP Products like HPSM/HPAsset Mangaer

7.UCMDB integraiton with other external databases

Could you please let me know what licences we need to buy to install above softwares.Kindly guide me.




  • The licensing guide shows the following:

    "The Universal CMDB provides a foundational capability for HP Universal Discovery Inventory (UDI), HP Universal Discovery full version (UD), HP Service Manager (SM), and HP Asset Manager (AM). The UCMDB contributes to the HP BSM suite as an embedded component – the Run-time Service Model (RTSM) – in HP Application Performance Manager (APM). It is also a core component of the HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) solution.

    Customers that have purchased UDI, UD, SM, AM, BSM or CSA receive specific rights under the UCMDB Foundation license:

    • The right to install and use the UCMDB Server.
    • The right to install and use the Data Flow Probe.
    • The right to use the UCMDB UI.
    • The right to install and use the standard edition of the UCMDB Browser.
    • The right to integrate any HP product with UCMDB.
    • The right to interface UCMDB with specialized systems like an LDAP server, an E-mail server or a Load Balancer.

    Customers that have purchased UD, SM or AM, also receive:

    • The right to install UCMDB Configuration Manager and the right to use its base capabilities."

    You will need one (1) foundation license:

    • HP UCMDB 10.00 Foundation including Federation and CM Topology Entitlement

    For DB integrations:

    For Import from CSV file, Import from Database, Import from Excel, and Export to XML; can be activated from the UCMDB Integration Studio7. These tools require a UCMDB Third Party Integration license.

    You will need one (1) or several of the following (depending on the number of Databases):

    • UCMDB Third Party Integration 2 MDR
    • UCMDB Third Party Integration 7 MDR
    • UCMDB Third Party Integration 200 MDR

    The database for uCMDB isn't licensed as such, as there is no "database management layer" seperate from the Application Server. Probes are included in your foundational license.

    Discovery is licensed per OSI (Operating System) and is bought in increments of 100. Depending on your needs, there is basic UD Inventory or complete UD Inventory.

    The difference:

    "UD (Inventory version) – Customers having inventory discovery, are limited to running discovery via the “Zone-Based Discovery” section using the “Infrastructure” and “Inventory Discovery” activities only. Discovery Modules/Jobs section is prohibited as well as the creation of any new custom discovery content.

    UD (Full version) – Customers having UD Full Version have all the capabilities of UD Inventory version plus:

    • Use all the OOTB Discovery Activities in the “Zone-Based Discovery” to perform discovery [including Custom Activity].
    • Use the Job/Modules section to perform any discovery.
    • Customize, create and run your own discovery.
    • The additional content includes (but not limited to): Cloud and Virtualization, Clustering and Load Balancers, Detailed DB/Middleware/Enterprise Applications/multi-tier interdependencies discovery. All content is geared toward configuration management and mapping of your data center environments."

    You will need either one of these:

    • Universal Discovery Inventory per OS Instance (sold in packs of 100 OSI)
    • Universal Discovery per OS Instance (Full Version), with a minumum of 100 OSI (but, AFAIK, no incremental limitations).






  • Universal Discovery per OS Instance (Full Version), with a minumum of 100 OSI (but, AFAIK, no incremental limitations).

    what do you mean "no incremetal limitation" for UD Full version?