Scripts work for Enrichment Rules

Hi all,


I would like to know that which scripts work for Enrichment rules? and How can I reach them? Path name vs.


I want to know, how does the rule works behind?


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Can Ucar

  • Hi,

    There is no script behind it. So, if your question related to how you could change the way it works, the answer is no.


    If this is general question - here is some thoughts.

    Enrichment consits of two part: TQL and enrichment definition.

    TQL will bring set of data according to TQL conditions. Enrichment definition is how this data will be changed.

    The frequency of the change is depend on TQL. It could be ad-hoc - enrichment isn't active and calculated per scheduler.

    Active enrichment will be recalculated on every data change of any CIT existing in TQL. That's why is crusial to create enrichment in correct way. For instance, if you going to update Note attribute on the Windows CIs, your TQL should return only CIS with empty Note attribute. This will prevent enrichment from running again and again.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have additional questions.


  • Hello Dima,


    Thank you very much for your answer.


    My question comes from a case that I want to do.
    However, I cannot figure it out.


    I can set some attributes with enrichment rule but, I need to set one attribute by using the other attributes.

    My example is like, there are 2 different attribute, which is conditions and values are numeric like 1-2-3.

    I want to set third attribute by using attributes which I mentioned. My rule should look at the attributes and select the highest value and set it to the third ones value. (I wish I can explain my case :) ) So it means there should be some logical algorithm this is why I am trying to know script files.


    However, As you mentioned from your reply, there isnot any script works. It seems I am going to find out new way to do this.


    Do you have any idea to make real my case?


    Thanks and Regards

    Can Ucar

  • In my opinoin, an enrichment will not give you such capabilities. You probably could try to do this  with discovery scripts, but you have to have experience in Python programming to acomplish this...