Failed Service Modeling / Service Discovery Apache webserver

Have you had difficulties modeling (automatically) an apache web server?
When trying to do so, it indicates that a configuration file is needed and it is not possible to link the entire model.
It is not possible to get from the Business Application to RunningSoftware this through the relationship consumer_provider


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Joshua,

    Do you know something about this?

  • Hi,

    What I do to debug such issues:

    1. I read the error message and do the recommendation.

    2. Find the ConfigurationFileSignature.xml in the Adapter Management.

    3. Find the Apache WebServer section:


       <!-- apache & oam webagte -->
        <Application name="Apache WebServer" productName="apache_web_server" cit="apache">
            <Scope type="application_resource">
                    <Regex expr='"?(\S )[/\\]s?bin[/\\](httpd|apache)(?:.*?-f\s (.*?)\/conf\/(.*?)\s )?' ignoreCase="true">
                        <Variable name="home" group="1"/>
                        <Variable name="httpd_config_path" group="3"/>
                        <Variable name="httpd_config_name" group="4" defaultValue="httpd.conf"/>
                <CustomFile name="${httpd_config_name}" plugin="config_parser_apache">

    4. Check with my apache installation and if the configuration files of it are described in the {home}/conf and {home}/httpd/conf


    5. If not there, I edit the file to add the custom apache conf directory.


    Petko Popadiyski

    Freelance Microfocus CMS UCMDB Consulting