Strange behaviour from scheduled reporting in CMDB


I am seeing a very strange issue this week when using scheduled reporting.

I have created a view that shows all computers that have the 'is candidate for deletion' = true


This view shows the correct CIs and when I run it as a report manually it still shows the correct CIs.

When I schedule the report and let it run automatically at its scheduled time the report data is completely wrong. The fields are the same but it brings back a small number of computers where the  'is candidate for deletion' = false.


If I then go to the report scheduler and select Run Now I get the report with the correct data.

For some reason when the report runs on its schedule it gives the wrongt results.


Any ideas?

CMDB 10.11CUP1

Windows 2008 R2

Oracle 11G R2


I have attached the two reports

The INCORRECT_CandidateForDeletion.csv is the auto created by schedule

The CORRECT_CandidateForDeletion.csv is the manually run report (from the schedule list)