Normalization rules for incoming push data?

How does the uCMDB handle normalization for incomming pushed data?   Data pushed directly to the uCMDB port.

For instance, for the CI type IP address I would like to change the uCMDB routing domain depending on the value found in another attribute such as authoritative dns name. would get mapped to a new routing domain.

I see references to server side data normalization but the details on where this is located is missing...

When the REPLACE_VALUE_WITH_VALUE_FROM_SYSTEM_PROPERTY qualifier is defined for a particular attribute, the attribute is normalized with the specified system property value. For example, the routing_domain attribute, by default, contains the REPLACE_VALUE_WITH_ VALUE_FROM_SYSTEM_PROPERTY qualifier where: n CONSTANT_TO_REPLACE data item is defined as ${DefaultDomain} n SYSTEM_PROPERTY_NAME data item is defined as default.domain This means that if a CI of type ip_address is reported with ${DefaultDomain} in the routing_domain attribute, then the routing_domain attribute is populated with the value in the default.domain setting.