Deletion Concept between uCMDB and Service Manager



we plan to use uCMDB to provide Servicer Owner and Server Responsibles the possibility to maintain data and relationships (e.g. Service Trees) in the uCMDB Browser.

The official documentation for the Service Manager Integration states that there is only one deletion concept: Deleting Relationships in SM manually; this will be transferred to uCMDB using the cirelation1to1 table. But is there also a way to remove relationships in uCMDB and transfer those changes to SM?


Accesssing the History data doesn't work since the SM Integration bases on TQL without federated data and we didn't find a way to access the history data in TQL queries without federation.

One thought we have in mind: Creating a Trigger on the Relationship tables duplicating the deletion history records, into a custom table. From there we could use the data to transfer the changes to SM.


Is there any other way? Is there an official way planned for the future?


Thank you very much for reading the long text and maybe an answer.


Kind Regards

Alexander Lambertz

  • Hello,


    With respect to your inquiry, please note Data Push is able to perform such deletion concept.


    For example,if a CI is deleted in uCMDB, the CI is deleted, but if you delete a relation in uCMDB, the relation is not removed in SM. As we have set "permit deletion in target" in ucmdb, a similar feature is set within SM.

    SM: Discovered Event Manager Rule: ucmdbRelationship - Action if record is to be deleted: "Delete Record"
    Using change (differential) sync from uCMDB for the deletion of relationships. Deletion are changes in fact. If you run a full synch, it just dumps tql output and reset counters for future differential. Only in a change(diff) sync you can see deletions.
     These are the steps used to test:
    - Create a CI and relations in uCMDB
    - full sync
        Relations is created
    - deleted relations in ucmdb
        change sync and the relation was removed from SM as well.
    - deleted the CI in ucmdb
    - change sync
        CI and the last relation was removed in SM.
    Hope this helps,
    Ana Acosta-Diaz
  • Hello,


    thank you very much for your help. That sounds great.

    But we have already set the option 'Delete record' for 'Action if record is to be deleted' for the DEMR 'ucmdbRelationship'. As far as I understood your answer this should be the only settinge, we need. But if I delete a relationship in UCMDB, that have been transferred to Service Manager before, this one isn't deleted in Service Manager in the next run (Diff Sync).


    Doing some debugging I can see that only 'CreateRelationship' Requests are send to Service Manager. So how should Service Manager know that this is a delete?

    Do you have any chance to provide help over here? Or should we contact HP Support by openeing a case?


    In addition I'm not sure that what you mean by the setting permit deletion in target.


    Kind Regards

    Alexander Lambertz