Reconciliation Priority - Attribute override for a discovery job - not working

Hi all,

Issue seen on both UCMDB 2019.02 and 2019.11

Looking at the latest UCMDB Best Practices Maintenance document, there is a section about setting a job priority on an attribute ("Check for "flipping" data" chapter).

It says:

"You can use the Reconciliation Priority function of UCMDB to prioritize which job has higher
priority over others.....Starting with CMS 2018.11, you can now set reconciliation priorities by individual discovery job, allowing you to prioritize one discovery job as having priority over others. A common use
case would be the Host Connections by Shell versus Host Connections by SNMP...."

Then the doc actually shows some screenshots where it is evident they were able to set the priority of some jobs for a Node.MemorySize attribute.

This feature is also mentioned in the official UCMDB 2019.11 docs:

The instructions are not good, it doesn't say you have to change to "Discovery" from the pull down menu on top of the screen, above CI Types pane. Nevertheless, when i change to "Discovery" and of course select i.e. Node from the CI types, i do not see any discovery jobs, or when i click a plus sign on the Attribute Overrides and select an attribute i.e. Name, the job pull down list is empty.

So, obviously this feature does not work as described, and it is also not well described in the docs.

I did find a workaround: you have to go through the job itself. You go to the Data Flow Management -> Universal Discovery, find a particular job (the one you want a priority to be changed for a certain attribute), and right click the job. From the menu you select "Set reconciliation priority" and that takes you to Reconciliation Priority section but this time the job is "selected" and prepopulated and you can then set the priority for this job only in the Attribute Overrides. Then you could repeat a process for the other job(s).

Even though this works, it is confusing and not well documented, or it is not working as documented.

Am i missing something here? Did i make a mistake somewhere? Do you guys have any issues like me?

Tnx, marko