Import data from excel file into ucmdb


I had a question and wanted some suggestions as well,

We have some PDL information from excel file to be imported (email contact, primary, secondary contacts) into ucmdb but we do not have a license. Are there any APIs which we can use to get this done? I was referencing the ucmdb Developers guide but not sure if we have a decent sample on that.

My idea was to pull all the information into a CI type called Persons or create a CIT in the windows server and import the data into them.

Any help is greatly appreciated

  • Hi Mathew,

    You need third party license (MDR) for importing data through CSV or Excel like you mentioned below you don't have license then i suggest you use Connect-it and create senario and populate desire data in ucmdb.

    but i wonder what is the use of populating email contact, primary, secondary contacts in ucmdb.

    Thank you!