Job Template is not working



I am working on UD 10.01


I have created zones of 5 to 6 IP ranges(total IPs 1000 ) . Also applide  the tamplate containing  Host resources by shell , Host Resources by WIM  & IP ranges by ICMP job.


If I applied the template to the zone , It  discovers a single IP of DATA Flow Probe.   So created CI is 1 only.



So again I applied default job "Infrastructure" and acrtivated the same but this time it worked and discoved almost 800 ips with basic parameters.


I wonder , why this tamplate is not working with this zone but I tried the same tamplate for other single IP range of 30IPs. It worked and showed all Infrastructure  details/software/processes etc..


It is really strange and unable to figure out what is the issue.


Please help me as I am new to UD.





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  • Templates is not what you need to run basic discovery. Infrastructure activity should cover your basic discovery needs.

    Please be aware that UCMDB has following logicical flow in discovery:

    IP -> Host Connection -> Host Resources -> all others discovery jobs.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,


    Thanks for the response.



    I want to discover basic resources like ip,os, os user,interface, CPU, memory, Installed software, Running Software, etc.


    This is possible through Host resource by Shell and Host resources by WMI job .


    To apply these jobs on zones I had created template to activate the job on one zone  at a time. But same is not working.



    The default infrastructure  job uses "Network connection by shell' adapter to discover the parameters anerd it doesnot even show CPU parameter and other softerware details(installed /running, processes)



    Please suggest best possible way to discover all host resources and software parameters but want to activate one zone at a time.  Please tell me in which cases  the template can be used??



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  • What is a protocol you're planing to use for the discovery?

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