Service Now data pull - reference field as attribute

We want to pull Service Now data into HP uCMDB via ServiceNow_PullIntegration. we are using uCMDB 10.11 CUP7 CP19.
In the CP19 document - HP_UCMDB_DICG_Third_Party_Integrations
page number 161 talks about Foreign keys (sys_ids)

it doesn't tell how to get reference field of Service Now as attribute of any uCMDB CI

we need to bring reference field value of service now into attribute value of uCMDB CI.. what is mapping?
Example : cmdb_ci_linux_server table of Snow has model_id as one of its field to display CI Model .. in background model_id holds the sys_id from the table cmdb_model

we want to pull linux server CI with discovered_model as its attribute.. what should be the mapping in mapping file to be used to get discovered_model attribute of linux (unix CIT) server CI ?

CIT - Unix
attribute - discovered_model

Snow -
Table - cmdb_ci_linux_server
field - model_id
model_id is a reference field from table: cmdb_model

what is the mapping to pull data from Snow ?

Appreciate your quick help

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