ValueError: invalid literal for __int__: 4294967295

HP uCMD ver 9.04 CUP4 - 136; DDM Content Pack 10.0.444

I have validated that the OID exists in the configuration XML file.

I have not cleared cache, restarted servers, cleared probe DB, etc.


During "Host connection by SNMP" discovery, I receive the error, "ValueError: invalid literal for __int__: 4294967295". This seems to be encountered on network devices where a particular interface is running at 10Gb. When examining the network device port in SNMP, I see the interface speed as "4294967295" (which is 2^32, ~4Gb, if I understand this correctly). When looking at the jython/python (not sure which) code in "", I see the following piece of code, which to me seems suspect:


if iface.ifSpeed and int(iface.ifSpeed) == 429967295:#magic number in case speed is higher than 10Gb


The reason I find this code suspect is that the number pattern is so similar, minus the "4" in position 4 (hopefully that makes sense). So, I tried to comment this code with a replaced version that looks like this:


if iface.ifSpeed and int(iface.ifSpeed) == 4294967295:#magic number in case speed is higher than 10Gb


This caused a failure for an integer too large or something similar, whereas I was previously receiving a warning and failure to connect with the above-mentioned error. Is this just a coincidence? Any suggestions?