Extending SIM integration with additional attributes (ROMVersion)

Hi all,

I am currently working on extending the SIM Integration with additional attributes. More specifically we are interested in having the ROM Version in the uCMDB.

As far as i know one should add a target_attribute mapping to whatever target_ci_type should get this attribute. The question is what format but something like this.


    <target_attribute name="bios_version" datatype="StrProp" >

     <map type="direct" source_attribute="ROMVersion" />


The documentation mentions a difference between extended and non-extended attributes. Looking at the remoteprocess.log after running the integration (debuglevel 3) I see a set of attributes (larger set than defined in mapping xml) that is retrieved but ROMVersion isn't part of it. My assumption is that this set contains all non-extended attributes and in addition the attributes (and CIs like CIM_Processor) defined in the mapping xml.

And indeed adding Node.ROMVersion results in nothing (none of the Node.X attrs seems to be explicitly retrived in the script). However adding a target_attribute with source_attribute="DB_deviceInfoEx.ROMVersion" (the location of the ROMVersion column in SIM DB) always retrieves value <None>. The generated SQL in SIM report gets the data from R_Inventory view and this results in value <None> too.

Is there a way to add extend attributes (under the assumption this is an extended attribute) to an existing CI type mapping? Or should this data be retrieved from a source_ci_type (where are SIM CI types defined anyway) different than Node?

Kind Regards

Dirk-Jan Hoppenbrouwer