uCMDB 10 - Can support discovered feed for Topology in idml format

Hi All,


I wonder if you can help? I am architecting a solution where the Telco network is being managed and discovered by an IBM suit of products. This will be fed up to a uCMDB, and then the ITSM solution will be SM9.3.


I need to know the details on how one can feed ITNM Network Topology  (in idml format)  information into the uCMDB as the “Actual” representation of the network. Some of the possible outcomes are:

 - Best Outcome: uCMDB supports idml.

 - OK Outcome: Details on a XSLT conversion process we can use to convert from idml to vista.

 - Worst Outcome: Details of the Vista Topology format so we can write a converter.


What is possible with the new uCMDB 10?