How to create Impact Rule Groups

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When creating a new Impact Rule (using Impact Rule wizard from Impact Analysis Manager), Impact Rule Groups page displays 21 groups provided out of the box. How can I create my own Impact Rule Group?

I'm using UCMDB 10.11.


  • Hello Loga ,

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    I have been reviewing and the Modeling guide provide us information about the Impact Rule however there is not the possibility to create a new group .

    Would you please provide us the characteristics of the group that you want to create ? Did you try with the "others" group ?

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  • Thanks Melissa for your prompt response.

    For our current project we have identified few business cases for impact analysis. Each case is quite complex and supported by a set of Impact Rules (and underlying tqls). Yes we do use “others” group for one business case but what we wanted to do is to create separate group for each business case.

    If it is not possible I guess the alternative would be to put all sets of Impact Rules in “others” group and add conditions to underlying tqls so only a specific set of Rules will be executed.



  • It is possible by creating a custom package that contains the rule bundle/group names you would like to use.

    PM me and i can send you a sample package.

  • Verified Answer

    Just figured it out that a new bundle can be created using Query Definition Properties  dialog box in Modeling Studio. Not intuitive and not obvious from the documentation.