Branding and UCMDB GUI appearance

Hi Experts,


  1. Is it possible to brand UCMDB GUI in the same way the UCMDB Browser GUI can be branded (e.g. using icons, putting banner on all screens, not only on logon screen)?
  2. Is it possible to change the background colour in UCMDB GUI?
  3. It is possible to change the background colour in the UCMDB Browser to black or white. Is it possible to change it to a custom defined colour?


  • Yes we can do the web customization. we can change the logo and background colour for login page.




  • Out of the box there are limited branding options, for example by setting titles through the Infrastructure Manager. Additionally you can modify the login_page.jsp file located in <SERVER ROOT>/deploy/ucmdb-ui as well as the referenced logo image in <SERVER ROOT>/deploy/ucmdb-ui/static/images. Setting the background colour in the GUI is not possible, I think, because the GUI is served as a Java Applet. You can however change the header bar. I think. I believe it is possible to change the icons representing the CI types, I believe they're located in <SERVER ROOT>/deploy/ucmdb-ui/static/images/gui/mam_images/gui/images/classes/icons.


     Sorry for the "I believe"'s but it's been a while since I had to do any rebranding. Did it for v9. Don't know if it works the same for 10x. I believe it will though :)