UCMDB - NNMi Integration (Not showing the proper CI type windows/unix)

Hi all,


I have UCMDB 9.05 and NNMi integration environment.


We are pulling the NNMi CIs to UCMDB. we are pulling CI type windows and unix as well.


Issue : When NNMi Devices are pulled into UCMDB they are placed in the CI type of node and not windows or unix. Only if the divice was discovered by a probe first the NNMi dat will reconcile and the record leaving the correct CY type. if the NNMi pull does not find a record match with data in UCMDB it creates a new record with a CI type of Node. it does not place in the correct type of windows or unix.



  • Hello,


    The attribute on UCMDB that allows to classify a CI as windows or unix is the OSFamily.  NNMi is not populating this attribute.

    The CIs as node then is expected.


    By the way, there is a video recording describing this integration here.


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    Juan Calderon

  • If this is the UCMDB integration with NNMi, then windows nodes will get created based on the type of CI in NNMi.  If it is the NNMi -> BSM integration, then the CIs will be NODE (unless they exist already) and this is expected.  The nodeRole attribute will be set to things like [server]. 


    If it is the first (UCMDB pulling data from NNMi via the adapter), then check in NNMi for the type of device, as Juan suggested.  If it is the second, the 'node' is expected.


    Let me know if this helps.


    Keith Paschal

    HP UCMDB Support