Installed Software in SACM 9.30

Hey Everyone, 


This question is more about strategy and best practice moreso than technology.


In SACM 9.30 Solution installed software is discovered by UD and every instance of this software (let's say Adobe Photoshop) is a CI.  300 instances of Adobe Reader, these CIs are sent to AM and can be compiled into a common name AM administrators choose for license purposes and what not.


My question is about pushing this same information to SM for support purposes.  It doesn't make sense to push 300 Photoshop instances to SM, and there is no aggregation method in SM that I know of.  You would just end up with 300 CIs with the same name _1 _2 _3 and so on because of the CIIdentifier restrictions in SM.


We would want a single aggregated Photoshop CI pushed to SM, possibly related to a "Application" bizservice type CI for interaction puposes so you could select "Application" as the affected service and "Photoshop" as the affected CI and do your trending and reporting on this single Photoshop CI.


I know we could posibly create an enrichment in uCMDB and creates an aggregated CI of a different type and push this to SM with a custom configured integration TQL, but is this the best way?


What do other customers do?  Is this addressed in the SACM solution somewhere that I have missed? AM automatically aggregates this information for Asset Management use cases, does SM not do this in some way?


I created this topic here because uCMDB is the center of the SACM solution, and the integration is managed on the uCMDB side but I can recreate it in SM forums if need be.


Any help would be much appreciated.




  • Hi,

    My suggestion is following.

    Create BizApp called "Adobe Photoshop Aggregated". Create dynamic model based on TQL restricting the hosts with Photoshop running on it. Push this to SM.

    Same could be done with enrichment only, but model seems more elegant solution for me.