Auto Complete Population

Is there a way to disable auto-complete for population job from ucmdb to ucmdb?


I've read that we can comment out this code in the adapter:


        <automatically-complete-reconciliation-info /


But this doesnt seem to work. 


I also see a setting for turning off auto complete but is for push.


            <adapter-setting name="push.autocomplete.reconciliation">true</adapter-setting>


Is there a same setting but for population?

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  • Hello,

    is there anybody that solved this issue? I would populated Node CI's from RTSM to UCMDB without attribute Primary DNS name. Even if the attribute is disabled in TQL, integration adapter still populate this attribute.

    I tried disable "automatically complete reconciliation" (comment) setting in adapter, also tried set it to false but nothings helps.

    Thanks for any hint.