Can someone shed some light onto what this fuse does? and how does raising this affect performance? and is there a safe number to be at? I been seeing alot of this fuse error in the log.
We are on UCMDB 9.05 CUP 12 with CP11u7. Our UCMDB is running on a 24 core box with 32gb. 
2013-06-10 05:09:40,625 [Process Results Thread-AH - 3 Host Connection by WMI] !!! (running time:188351 ms[ms]) 
appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException: [ErrorCode [63010] Data container is larger than the defined fuse.]
[ERROR CODE- 63010] appilog.common.system.exceptions.AppilogDataException: CMDB Operation Internal Error: class com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.exception.DataInException : com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.DataInOperationException: [ErrorCode [63010] Data container is larger than the defined fuse.]
Error while trying to [addOrUpdate] on level [1]! Error while trying to [addOrUpdate] on level [2]! [ErrorCode [63010] Data container is larger than the defined fuse.]
Can't add to DataContainer because its size larger than the fuse 200000 which defined by
  • Every time CI is coming into UCMDB it compared vs content of UCMDB and vs data coming in the same bulk. The operation repeated for every CI.

    The default for the fuse is 100K. It's highly unrecommended to raise the number. You'll have significant performance problems and possible Out of Memory situation at the end.

    Instead of it, the Discovery Job used for data population need to be changed to sent data in smaller chunks.

    In case you see this in OTTB job please let us know the name of the job. We could have ready solution, or new problem will be created. 

  • We are currently seeing this error for Host connection by WMI and NTCMD


    Also which fuse would we use to make discovery job send smaller data chunk?


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  • Also the default for is 200k the only fuse that are 100k is

    Are u talking about the second one?
  • Hi

     I suspect this might be coming from the specific job Host Connection by WMI, running against specific IP.

    Could you try to run the job excluding this IP and confirm once ?


    If you can confirm it is happening with specific IP, then needs to understand why only this specific ip , getting so much data or data with less attribtue values, which could be probable cause of the problem.


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  • I dont think it was from a specific job, because I was seeing the same error when runging Host Connection by SNMP. 

    I follow Dima and lower the chunk size of result down to 5000. Is this a good number to be at? and is this the change you were talking about Dima?


    # probe mgr - the max size of task results chunk to send. if large chunk of results received,
    # it will be break into smaller ones in order to prevent overload on the server
    appilog.agent.local.maxTaskResultSize = 5000

  • Verified Answer


    Lowering of the chunk size could be a good idea.


    I got an answer from R&D regarding following fuses:


    The first one is the maximum amount of CIs that we can handle internally (due to merges, identification, etc…).
    The second one is the maximum amount of CIs that we allow to accept as the Data-In bulk. Afterwards, the Data-In will fetch more CIs from the UCMDB for the analysis of the input-CIs. Or in another words – the second one is the amount of CIs/relations in the input and the first one is the total amount of CIs (including the ones that were needed for the analysis of the input).



  • Thank you for the clarification Dima

  • Another quick question...


    What happen to data when reconcialliation fail? Does it get ignore, delete, or retry? 


    So when one of the above fuse is blown, do we lose the data for that certain CI that fail reconcialiation? 



  • Hi 

    is there any optimal number for the chunk and the two fuses? What is the optimal combination and what are the factors that these numbers depend on? Only the number of CIs that the TQL returns?

    How could you avoid the identification map growing? Is transferring all attributes of the CIs a good or a bad idea?

    Thank you