Data flow probe Postgresql Database problem

Hi Experts,

Iam new on the HPUCMDB product. I have successfullly installed the UCMDB app and iam able to open the browser.

But while installing the Data flow probe iam getting the attached error. As per advice iam run the command but it is not working.

Kindly help me on this. it is really appricieated.


Pranav R N
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    - For name@123  Uou did not use an uppercase character

    - For name&or?or3:  You have used & or ? or % which are not supported on Postgresql side

    I know that the the popup window is quite confusing and in my opinion this should be changed

    try something like Passw0rd.

    (with the digit zero instead of "o" and the last characater is a point "." )

    Best Regards