AM Push Adapter Software Push do not create a PortfolioItem at amPortfolio

Hello All,

we used the AM Push Adapter to push computers with installed Software to Asset Manager (Mapping: Software_NonNorm.xml). The used Versions are: UCMDB 10.21 (CP17) & AM 9.50.

The push is working well but the customer wants, that a portfolio item is also to be created. All transfered data at  Asset Manager (amSoftinstall, amModel) looks well but at AM the Link "Addon application" (amComputer -> amPortfolio) is blank. But the software is existent at amSoftinstall.

Could someone pls. explain me, how to modify the am-push-mapping.xml to create a portfolio item and needed Links. Thanks in advance for your great support!






  • Hello Mphur ,

    I hope you are doing great !

    Please go to the Universal Discovery Content Guide-HP Integrations Chapter 3 HP Asset Manager Push Integration page 103 . It guide provide us all the instructions to modify the XML .

    Best Regards,

  • Hello Melissa,

    nice to hear from you and thanks for the reference at the guide. I´m very in the beginning of programming the adapter, so please excuse.

    I have analysed the issue once more, it seems that the reference link between amSoftinstall an amPortfolio is not correctly created. Could you pls. assist some more an tell me exactly, what I have to modify to write that link.

    I mean the point of failure is the following line at the am-push-mapping.xml, cause it´s operation-type is "reference-only", so a link would never be written if not existent:

    <am-mapping ci-type="SW_comp_amPortfolio" primary-key="lPortfolioItemId" operation-type="reference-only" merge-allowed="true" target-ci-type="amPortfolio" parallel-push-allowed="true">
    <reconciliation-advanced>Computer.lComputerId = '${vCompId}'</reconciliation-advanced>

    Should I set the operation there to "update_else_insert" to solve? Could you pls. help me on that.


    Thanks in advance for your support.






  • you can try using the "insert_else_reference" operator