UCMDB UI logging in issue

We have 10.33 installed and recently we ran into an issue where inspite of the login page being up, once the credentials are entered and applets are loaded till the last jar, the UI still keeps loading instead of taking to the landing page.

We did not see any issues with memory or so.

The only error seen in error log was:

Error while invoking service. (CmdbOperationExecuterService#UcmdbMethod)


Does anyone have any solution to the issue?

  • Hello,

    You have to provide more details. Have you tried from a different client machine?Were any patches or jre upgrades applied recently?

    To isolate the problem,  remove applet jars logs and enable java console . Reproduce the issue and provide applet logs from client machine, java console output and server error log.

    Best  Regards,

    Gabi Medan