UCMDB integration with NNMi and Network Automation


Have anyone work with integration between UCMDB - NNMi and UCMDB - NA ?

When I run integration between UCMDB and NNMi only, it was running fine. I apply some customization code in nnmi.py and nnm_api.py to get the custom attribute from NNMi. All running fine, until I apply the integration with NA.

The behaviour from NA integration, it updates some attributes from NNMi, including CI Type.

My question is, what is the best practice if we have these 2 integration in place ? Which integration should run first (UCMDB - NA) or (UCMDB-NNMi) ?
How should we apply the sync priority ? From NA, I need only the serialnumber information populated to UCMDB CIs, but not updating the other attributes.

Anyone can advise how to achieve that ?

Thanks in advance,