UCMDB discovery of NetAPp

We are running UCMDB 10.22, CUP 6, CP 27 on Windows.

We created a discovery for NetApp with jobs NetApp Filer by WebServices and NetApp Filer Connection by WebServices.  We got a ton of information and CIs about the filer and devices.  However, NetApp does not assign MAC addresses to the discovered interfaces.  Rather it uses some group identifiers (not discovered) under their LIF devices (which we discover).  Is there another mechanism or some modification to retrieve the MAC addresses the NetApp uses?  Customer needs to tie IP to MAC address for inventory.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I could do this?



  • Hello ,

    Did you open a ticket for this issue ? Did you review the communication log ?


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  • Melissa,

    I didn't open a ticket as the discovery didn't fail so I couldn't open a ticket on a success.  It showed all devices in the NetApp cluster.  It just didn't provide the specific information about the MAC address.  NetApp uses an odd configuration with virtual interfaces and seemingly real interfaces.  UCMDB discovered the seemincly real interfaces on the clnd and other devices, but even the NetApp guy said those interfaces don't have MAC addresses.  It is the virtual interfaces, which have MACs and during communication NetApp includes the MAC as it must in any network communication.

    I was hoping someone had seen what I have seen and maybe knew some workaround or suggestions on modifications to the python script (in only one did I see a reference to MAC address).  I would even accept getting the MAC externally and then embedding code to apply the MAC address matching the discovered NetApp.