HP Universal Discovery 10.20 - Integration: Import topology from Excel Workbook

HP UCMDB 10.20.CUP1.545

CP 15.00.123


I am trying to import a few BusApp CIs using the import topology from excel workbook.


The names of the BusApp CIs are the exact same but they belong to different deployment environments. So, I created custom CI types with the names of the environments. For example,  Dev_BusApp, Prod_BusApp, etc.

Each of these columns have several CIs and associated attributes.


When I run the Integration job, only one set of CIs gets created (Dev_BusApp). It clearly seems that the reconciliation process is not allowing recreation of these CIs for the other CI type, Prod_BusApp, thinking they're duplicates.


How can I control this ? If the reconciliation is using just the name, I want to change it to a combination of Name and Deploy type which makes it a unique value.


Kindly advise. PFA.




  • Good day Praveen,


    Thank you for share this question with us.


    I would like to clarify an statement of the Business Application reconciliation rule:

    Two BusinessApplication instances are considered to be different if they are owned by different Party objects, or if they have different Application ID.


    My recomendation is to change the Application ID for each Business Application in the Excel file. This way, you don't need to change the reconciliation rule (it is not recomended to change it).


    I hope this helps.



  • Hi there Hugo!


    Thanks for your reply. 

    First of all, the source from where we are getting these BusApp CI data doesn't have a column called Application ID.

    But anyway, I went ahead and added it to my excel spreadsheet and it worked like a champ. It created the CIs like the way I wanted it.


    I'll have to discuss with the team if we could have the app_id column with arbitrary values to achieve the task.


    One last question, what are Party objects ?


    Kindly oblige.