HP Universal Discovery: VMWare Infrastructure Discovery

Version: HP UD 10.20.480

UD CP 15.00.123

OS: RHEL 6.5


Hello everyone,


I am trying to discover VMWare infrastructure using the VMware vCenter Connection by VIM and VMware vCenter Topology by VIM jobs. Followed the guide, took care of the prerequisites (Credentials & Permissions, JAR files, etc.)


Discovered the host CIs and associated proceses.


Now when I run the VMware vCenter Connection by VIM, I see the following error:

<< Progress message, Severity: Error>>
VMware VIM: Internal error. Details: (301)Moved Permanently


I think this is w.r.t. the URL it tries to access, but not sure what is wrong with the URL. 

I initially thought it was the jar, so, I downloaded the latest vim25.jar for version 5.1.


Any thoughts will be appreciated. Please find the communication log attached.