Hi experts,

Can someone tell me how I can manage the display monitors with the same serial number in the UCMDB - Asset Manager integration,  to generate different assets?

Thanks in advance

  • Hi there,

    There was a workaround to include in the reconciliation rules the serial_number


    We have edited the DisplayMonitor's Identification Rule and added criteria to MERGE DisplayMonitors when there will be two DisplayMonitor with same SERIAL NUMBER.

    But including the serial number is not a solution. What you want actually  is to use containment relationships for DisplayMonitors, not composition, so that moving monitor from one machine to another can be tracked properly without deleting and re-creating the monitor CI, etc.


  • Thanks for the reply
    Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean....
    The workaround was already implemented previously, but it seems that it does not work. The monitors with the same serial number, change their association in Asset to another computer in which a monitor with the same serial number is detected.


  • I put the resolution text in quoted block hence it's not my actual statement.
    The workaround wasn't yet implemented in the product, it can be by altering the identification rules for CIT display_monitor.

    You identification rule should look like this:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    <identification-config type="display_monitor" description="Display Monitors are identified by a combination of their container Node and name. Two similarly identified display monitors will be considered different entities in case of mismatch of Serial Number.">



                <attribute-condition attributeName="name" includeNullValue="false" conditionType="approveAndContradict"/>

                <attribute-condition attributeName="root_container" includeNullValue="false" conditionType="approveAndContradict"/>



                <attribute-condition attributeName="serial_number" includeNullValue="false" conditionType="approveAndContradict"/>






                    <attribute-condition attributeName="serial_number" includeNullValue="false" conditionType="approveAndContradict"/>






    Note the new identification-criterion in bold. Between the 2 criterions we always have a logical OR so if they have the same serial_number they will be merged.

  • Hi MVOB,

    How many monitors do you have?
    You could perform an enrichment by affecting the serialnumber field.

  • Hi johnc3,

    You know if there is a workaround for this same problem but with the virtual servers that are hosted on HMC (IBM).

  • Hello Marsella,

    the virtual servers are node like CITs and they are a different issue all together.

    The use case for this problem with display_monitors is if you have flying nodes like laptops which can use in a week several different monitors then it will all get down to what will the monitor be when the scanner runs.

    For example: you use today your laptop in one docking station with monitor A and B. Tomorrow you will work from home and you will use monitor C. Wednesday you work from office but in a different building because you have a special meeting and you will use monitor D.
    If the scanner ran in each day, you will end up with your monitor in UCMDB having attached to it 4 different monitors. When you push this tu Asset Manager you will end up being reported as a user of 4 different monitors :)

  • Hi Marsella,

    We have inventoried in Asset Manager 10958 display monitor, of which 27 have duplicated serial numbers. Normally they are special viewing devices, such as TV, projectors or magnifiers.
    Can you do something with those 27 monitors so that the integration does not change the assignment of the computer in each scan?



  • Shouldn't the serial number be a unique identifier?

  • Hello Dima,


    yes they are unique identifiers and the Display_monitors get merged but they will have 2 links to 2 different computers which isn't logical.