Can't populate CI relationships from BMC Atrium CMDB 7.6.04 to HP UCMDB 9.05

Hi experts,


I configure the population CIs and CI relationships from Atrium to uCMDB and face with problem.

I successfully populate CIs from Atrium to uCMDB, but can't populate CI relationships. Data Flow Probe log files have no errors and no warnings. According to the Communication log (please find it in attachments) the adapter can not find a CI relationships in Atrium CMDB, but they exist. I tried different relationship types, different relationship directions, but results are same.


<log start="15:51:29" severity="info">Retrieved 0 links of type BMC_Component</log>


I not found a forum discussions about import from Atrium to UCMDB, only about reverse import from UCMDB to Atrium. Does anyone ever set up the population CIs and CI relationships from Atrium to UCMDB?  


Please share your experience!






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