Correct steps moving uCMDB9.05 apps server(within 9.05 cloud server) and with 10.x further



what are the correct steps invloving apps server 9.05 with 10.x in below scenario ,


1) Do you want to migrate your ucmdb to same version?

Yes (within 9.05 to cloud and 10.x further)

2) Do you want to install a new database or use the old one?

   to use with existing one

3) Will the IP address of the application server change? (Yes)

4) Will the name of the application server change? (yes)

5) Will the domain change? (NO)


is there any  important things we nee to take care while moving 9.05 to cloud within same?

and also migrating 9.05 to 10.x further?


please suggest




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