[UCMDB] new version release: 10.22 is available

Dear UCMDB community members,

We are happy to announce that Universal CMDB 10.22 is now available for downloading.

Windows OS

Linux OS

This release focuses on offering improvements to the Automated Service Modeling feature, providing new discovery troubleshooting capabilities and new content coverage, providing new integration with CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, extending support matrix coverage, offering new discoveries and discovery jobs with the content pack, offering improvements to the SOLR search engine, and adding capability for monitoring UCMDB history failures through the JMX console.

• Offering improvements to the Automated Service Modeling feature with stronger ASM solution, faster top-down discovery, easier discovery troubleshooting, and cleaner service map display
• Providing new discovery troubleshooting capabilities with the UCMDB Browser, by introducing discovery indicators and the Discovery Progress widget
• Providing the capability of integrating UCMDB/UD with CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault to enable administrators to manage the credentials in a secure and easy way
• Adding a new scheduler job RebuildIndexes for building fragmented indexes on Microsoft SQL databases on a daily basis
• Extending support matrix coverage to provide support for PostgreSQL 9.4 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2
• Offering improvements for the SOLR search engine that is used for searching CI information in the UCMDB Browser, allowing multithreading full re-index operation and control of whether a class will be re-indexed
• Adding capability for monitoring UCMDB history failures through the JMX console
• Offering new discoveries jobs to cover discovery of OpenStack, Docker, A10 vThunder Load Balancer, and Cisco ACE Load Balancer related CIs
• Adding support for Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO)