Duplicate Node CI type instance

UCMDB 10.33 on Windows

We are noticing multiple discovery on same server is creating duplicate Node CI type instances.

I am aware of Node CI type identification, validation rules and why duplicate CI instances are getting created.

But I want to know is there any way to find out which validation or verification rule is failing, so that merging of CIs is not happening.

Can this information can be obtained from reconcilation or any other logs.

Please advise.

  • Hello there,

    the logical steps are to put reconciliation logs on debug with increased size. Keep in mind that this logs rotate fast and have a big output.

    You will find there what was the input data, CIs to update or merge and so on. They aren't pretty logs and you will have some challenges in decoding them but the information is there and it can be used for any kind of reconciliation analysis.

    RnD is actively working on a new tool which will enable customers to easily explore the reconciliation process in an HTML5 interface.


  • John

    Can you please let me know how to put reconcilation logs to debug.

  • Verified Answer

    Hello there, 

    • Increase the reconciliation log rotation (conf\log\reconciliation.properties) from  10 to 30 and file size from 5M to 10MB. Also, the log level from ERROR to DEBUG
    • Reproduce the discovery
    • Note the time periods and CIT or CI names so we can search them in the logs
    • Extract the logs via JMX using executeServerLogParser with the time intervals from the job trigger until the moment the CIs were updated.


    Keep in mind that you will have a heavy log output and you need to move quickly so the logs won’t be overwritten.