UCM Db...Need information about it.

Dear Expert,


In our environment, we have UCM DB license is available. 

We want to know where it is installed and what is the purpose of it ?


Let explain about my environment 

We have OMW , NNMi  for monitor All server and Network device and that is  integrated with BSM 

 DDMI , AM also there . Am is integrated with Dmmi and SM 

SM is also integrated with BSM. & we also  have OVPI for reports purpose.


So please we need to understand what is the purpose of UCM DB and where we used this application.


Thank in Advance.



  • The mechanism used in BSM to save CIs and called internally RTSM - is UCMDB.

    The reason to have UCMDB as separate installation could be performance, capacity and discovery possibilities. UCMDB 10.X support both agent-based and agent-less discovery.

    It's not easy to explain all capabilities in the short forumk post.

    Below is Configuration Management aspect explained:



  • Hi Expert,



    How can i verfiy that ucmdb is installed in My BSM system ?

    I have searched in my BSM server for Ucmdb folder I got some folder over there.


    Is it web console  available for ucmdb to check?


    Actually we have product T9390AAE: Universal CMDB (Application Mapping)

    in our SAID , so i am confused where it is installed ?


    Is it use for mapping other application into BSM (for eg:- NNMI,OMW,SM is integrated with BSM)?




    Thank in Advanced



  • UCMDB isn't installed witign BSM, it is part of BSM. So any BSM has UCMDB in it. It's in /odb folder on DPS server.

    SAID that you have could be used for separate installation that will give you much more power.


    UCMDB could be used as single point of truth during integration with other HP products.

    The full list of integartions could be found on HP SSO portal at http://support.openview.hp.com/sc/solutions/index.jsp#tab=tab3  and in attached 3rd party integartion content.



    Universal CMDB
    •  Integrating with: Application Portfolio Management
    •  Integrating with: Asset Manager
    •  Integrating with: BMC Atrium CMDB
    •  Integrating with: BMC Remedy
    •  Integrating with: BSM
    •  Integrating with: CA CMDB
    •  Integrating with: Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
    •  Integrating with: Enterprise Maps
    •  Integrating with: IT Executive Scorecard
    •  Integrating with: Network Node Manager i software
    •  Integrating with: OO Content
    •  Integrating with: Project and Portfolio Management Foundation
    •  Integrating with: Real User Monitor
    •  Integrating with: Release Control
    •  Integrating with: Server Automation
    •  Integrating with: Service Health Reporter
    •  Integrating with: Service Manager
    •  Integrating with: Storage Essentials
    •  Integrating with: Troux