CMDB for testing environment assets/ci's

Hello. I've been reading some Eli Eyal's blog articles about CMDB / UCMDB and my question is ¿how is the recomendation to manage hundreds of testing ci's in a CMDB with a lot of bizservice assets, applications assets, hardware equipment, all of them identified as production environment but how to connect them with all the testing, development servers/test application behind them?  I would like to know how is that manage in other companies as a success case.

Thanks in advance.

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    We have an expert day going on regarding UCMDB and UD,  where we have Support and Product Experts in the forum for 24 hours to take your questions.  This forum is only accessible to customers/partners that have a valid SAID (Support Agreement ID) in their passport profile.

    I see that you have access to the forum  UCMDB and UD Support Customer Forum . So please feel free to submit your questions in this forum. Even after the expert day has ended we always have support engineers monitoring the forum and are also available to address your questions.