UCMDB Support Tip: ServiceNow Pull Adapter Suds caching

You will find this information useful if your ServiceNow pull integration is not recognizing a new attribute you added to ServiceNow table.


Here is one example of this, using Content Pack 14.04.262:
A new attribute was added to a ServiceNow table called u_notes. The WSDL contained the new attribute but the ServiceNow pull integration did not recognize it as shown in the logging below.
It appears that suds is cacheing the wsdl


[DEBUG] [RemoteProcess.ConsoleInputStreamReader] (RemoteProcess.java:78) - TypeNotFound: Type not found: 'u_notes' <2015-03-05 15:27:09,596> [DEBUG] [RemoteProcess.ConsoleInputStreamReader] (RemoteProcess.java:78)


The problem can be resolved by clearing the cache. But turning the cache off in this case is tricky.
Here is how you can do it - by making the following updates to the adapter code:

In pull_from_service_now.py in __createClient:
return Client(url, transport=t)
return Client(url, transport=t, cache=None)


Use this workaround until HP Dev team implements a solution for this issue in a future version.
A CR request is already in place for this under QCCR1H98932



HP Support
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