Discovery question: CI Type ipAddress - Virtual IPs and Non Virtual IPs

Hello experts, 


I would like your thoughts on this as I can't find much information to this attribute or how to distinguish virtual and real IPs from discovery.


From what I can see so far, there is a parameter you can set to true in Range IPs by ICMP job "virtualModeDiscover".


The job would then tries to ping the IP and if a different IP replies, the Is_Virtual attribute is set to true.


However, I've noticed that even with this parameter set to true, I still have many IPs that I know are virtual coming through discovery with Is_Virtual set to false (default). 


Are there other methods we can discover virtual IPs? 

  • Hello,


    Range IP by ICMP job distinguish the virtual IP by the mechanism- ‘ping the IP and a different IP replies’.

    There is no other job can distinguish if it is a virtual IP or not.

    Would you please check the CI history to confirm if those virtual IPs are reported by other jobs?

    If it is reported by ICMP job, then need to check the environment by manual to make sure if ping result is like the design mechanism of ICMP job.