LDAP User Login Issue in UCMDB 10.33

For one of our customer, we have installed UCMDB version 10.33.CUP4.276, Content pack version- 24.00.86 on Windows 2012 R2 and integrated it with LDAP Server for authentication. Currently we are facing issue for LDAP users while they trying to login with different case. 

For e.g. If I am logging in to UCMDB with C123456 for first time, and if I try to login with c123456 next time, it gives me internal error. Same happen vice-versa.

I deleted the LDAP user and tested both above scenario. When we investigated the issue, we found LDAP users are able to login with the user name they used while logging for the first time. UCMDB  sets the login name of user as the user name which he use while logging first time, it can be Upper case or lower case.

It looks like LDAP is authenticating the user but UCMDB is not able to identify the user.

Did anyone faced the same issue for mentioned version of UCMDB? Please help me if you have the solution.