uCMDB CM 10.20 startup and redirects.... cant log in!



I have installed a uCMDB and  CM10.20, for evaluation. Using the instant on license.

Now, I installed cm1020 (ucmdb is also 10.20) on a seperate machine, everything went well, everything seems to be working.


I enter ucmdb via ucmd.fqdn.local:8080.
Then I click on the "UCMDB Configuration Manager"

This brings me to the "HP Universal CMDB Configuration Manager 10.20" login screen, where I put ucmdb's admin credentials (setup during ucmdb instalation).

Login works, but I enter uCMDB, and not CM.

The URL that loads up is "http://ucmdb.fqdn.local:8080/ucmdb-ui/applet/applet.jsp"...

I cant seem to be able to enter CM. I have tried accessing it directly via {CM IP}:8180 to no avail.

  • In the Infrastructure Settings Manager there is a setting for Configuration Manager URL.


    The default URL should look something like this (note https is in use in this example):





    Also note the far right column called Refresh Rate.  This setting should take effect when you reload the landing page at




    On that page there should be a separate link to CM.