Configuration Manager performance



Do you have any pointers to improve performance of Configuration Manager?

On our platform it runs quite slow, takes quite some time to refresh.

From one of the CM users:

"it happens mostly in Changes pane (config manager) - sometimes views are not refreshed for some time. Then I try to force this in jmx console. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I still have to wait. In the meantime I am being disconnected, have to re-log, sometimes connection error messages are popping up (will make screens when it happens again). Now I have access Reports pane, tried to enter existing report and that is what I have: "A general error has occured. Contact your sys admin".

Is this recognizable behaviour?

Is there anything we can do on a platform or network level?

(Dis)Advantages virtualized system versus physical setup?

What are realistically recommended settings platform wise, like RAM, disk, CPU etc? Currently we run CM on a virtualized Oracle Linux system, with 16GB of RAM, 4 CPUs, 24 GB swap and 60GB of disk space.